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    I am getting "Can't find certificate by this nickname". Has anyone else experienced this ?

      I am getting the following errors on my gateway:

      7/23/02 2:59:20 PM EDT: Thread[HTTPSConnectionManager.listen(),5,main]
      ERROR: HTTSConnectionManager cannot create server socket
      java.net.SocketException: Can't find certificate by this nickname.
      at com.netscape.jss.ssl.SSLSocketImpl.setServerNickname(Native Method)
      at com.netscape.jss.ssl.SSLSocketImpl.setServerCertNickname(SSLSocketImpl.java:600)
      at com.netscape.jss.ssl.SSLServerSocket.setServerCertNickname(SSLServerSocket.java:342)
      at com.iplanet.portalserver.gateway.server.HTTPSConnectionManager.makeServerSocket(Compiled C
      at com.iplanet.portalserver.gateway.server.HTTPSConnectionManager.listen(Compiled Code)
      at com.iplanet.portalserver.gateway.server.ReverseProxy$1.run(ReverseProxy.java:47)
      at java.lang.Thread.run(Compiled Code)

      I have checked and the .nickname file is there with the name of the cert I named in the certadmin util.

      Any ideas ?