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    iPS30SP3 gateway proxy setup problem

      Hi All,

      I have a problem to setup the gateway proxy. I've follow the admin guide to setup the gateway proxy. I enable gateway proxy and use 10443 (default, I think) for the gateway proxy port. I restart the gateway and server, start the ipshttpd and connect to the gateway say gateway.test.com, it always return

      Unable to fulfill your request
      Server returned 502 Gateway Error: Session: Unable to connect to host: server.test.com

      where server.test.com is my portal server name.

      Do anyone have experience to setup gateway proxy?
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          Setting up the various types of gateway 'proxy' can be
          confusing ... you have option of a http type proxy for
          your connections or the internal iplanet proxy which is
          for the secure proxy you only need to do ...
          . reverse any changes you may have made to platform.conf on the gateway

          . from console -> manage gateway profile -> advanced
          HTTP Proxy Enabled checkbox crossed
          HTTP Proxy Port (pick a high one).

          once enabled, you should be able to manually start
          ipshttpd and see it listening on the allocated port.
          netstat -an | grep highport

          restart your gateway and it will forward requests to this.

          ditto if you want to use the netlet proxy.

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            I've got the same problem in the setting which gw and portal in seperate machine.

            I fact, i had a testing machine which installed gw and portal server in the same machine. In this environment, there is no error for configuring Http Proxy. I use 8900 as the port num.

            In my prod env't, gw and portal is installed in seperate machines and gw has configured https (SSL) which listem to port 443. After I enabled HTTP proxy and set the port num as 8900, it always return gateway 502 error