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    Gateway URL rewriter problem

      I have a page that i want to be able to be viewed through the gateway. This page incorporates mouse overs. I have the gateway rewriting the whole page perfectly except for these rollovers. here is an example of one of them:

      a href="https://<gateway_name>/<server_name>/default.htm" OnMouseOver="window.status='HumanResources'; document.images[0].src ='/images/logon/advonl_hr_on.gif'; return true;" OnMouseOut="window.status=' ';
      document.images[0].src ='/images/logon/advonl_hr.gif'; return true;"><img src = "https://<gateway_name>/http://<intranet_name>/images/logon/advonl_hr.gif" border="0" >

      The page contains a whole array of document.images[*].src values. Does anyone know how to rewrite an array variable inside a mouseover command?

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          You could try adding "document.images.src" to the Rewrite JavaScript Variables in URLs section under Gateway Management > Manage Gateway Profile. You'll need to restart the Gateway once you've submitted the changes.

          Hope this helps.

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            taking a different tack - rather than trying to get
            the rewriter to do some magic (personally i think they
            should drop it and put in a parser or external api)
            do the rewriting yourself using the iplanet supplied
            rewrite routine ...

            if ( window.location.host = "portal.westernpower.com.au" ) {
            location.href = iplanet( this.linkText ) ;
            } else
            location.href = this.linkText ;
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              IN 6.0 use these rules..

              <Attribute name="HREF" />
              <Attribute name="src" />

              <Variable name = 'document.images*.src'/>