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    Identity Sync - Plugin error

      I am installing identity synchronization for windows suit 6.0 on windows2003 machine. Package get install properly. I am able to configure initial configuration for synchronization. I am getting plug-in error while installing Directory server connector.

      I am getting plug-in error after providing directory server connector credentials.
      Error window as follow,
      WPSyncResources:wPSInstallDSConnectorCredentialsPanel- plugin-error

      Please help me to resolve this issue.

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          There is a bug in the installer. Make sure your root suffix matches your DNS name, or it won't install. For example, if your network name is example.com, then your root suffix MUST be dc=example,dc=com. I informed Sun of the bug, but they have yet to respond.
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            Thank You very Much
            I will try doing as you said and look if that works.
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              This error appears if you are installing against a Directory Server that does not have this entry in dse.ldif:
              (In Sun Directory Server 5.2 this entry was not present, in 6.x it is there by default but "nsslapd-pluginEnabled: off" until ISW is installed

              dn: cn=pswsync,cn=plugins,cn=config
              objectClass: top
              objectClass: nsSlapdPlugin
              objectClass: ds-signedPlugin
              objectClass: extensibleObject
              cn: pswsync
              nsslapd-pluginPath: /opt/SUNWdsee/ds6/lib/psw-plugin.so
              nsslapd-pluginInitfunc: pswsync_init
              nsslapd-pluginType: preoperation
              nsslapd-pluginEnabled: off
              nsslapd-pluginId: Identity Sync for Windows
              nsslapd-pluginVersion: 6.3
              nsslapd-pluginVendor: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
              nsslapd-pluginDescription: Identity Synchronization for Windows Plug-In
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                i'm having the exact same issue. my domain name/suffix are correct, and adding this entry did not help at all. is there a specific place within that file i am supposed to copy that to or is there a change i'm supposed to make in that code? thx in advance
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                  Adding the plugin entry to dse.ldif fixed the error for me.

                  But make sure of two things:
                  1) stop the instance before you modify dse.ldif; and

                  2) set the nsslapd-pluginPath to the directory where you installed the DSEE product.
                  For example, on my deployment, I installed DSEE under /dsee, so I set the plugin argument like so:
                  nsslapd-pluginPath: /dsee/ds6/lib/psw-plugin.so

                  -John M