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    starting and stopping HADB without human intervention

      I'm trying to write an SMF manifest to bring my HADB databases up and down as part of the life cycle management of the box. However, the best I can do is:
      # hadbm stop myHADB -W /hadb/passwd
      This command will stop the database myHADB.  
      Type "yes" or "y" to confirm this operation, anything 
      else to cancel:
      as if I typed out this long command BY ACCIDENT ????!!!!!!! arrrggg

      Anyway, anyone know how I might be able to automate a response to this silly question so that I can life cyle my HADB instances with a single command that does not require human intervention?

      Many Thanks,
      Steve Maring

      p.s. I can't help but think that whoever wrote the hadbm management tool came straight from Microsoft, where the practice is to give you screen pops asking you whether you want to do what you just asked it to do.