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    Why does it have to be this difficult? JES installation and a reboot


      I downloaded JES for Windows, and I went through the default installation and configuration process. Everything works fine. I can use the Access Manager screens to create users and I got one of the example programs working that allows me to test remote authentication via LDAP.


      However, when I shut my machine down and restart, I'm not able to remotely login as before. I'm starting the Webserver and Application Server using the start-menu buttons that were provided, but the sample remote login program won't work. I can't even get access to the web screens for the Access Manager, although I know that the app server is running on ports 8080 and 4849. I also managed to create a script to start the dsadm.exe process, but still no avail.

      What else am I missing?


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          Did you start cacaoadm ?? This is known to come into play for Remote administration/actions.

          The sequence I'd follow would be:

          1. Cacaoadm restart
          2. DS restart
          3. AppServer-domain1 restart.

          Also if you are having any issues with the Console access after recycle you can look into the debug logs (path for debug logs is specified in the AMConfig.properties file) for traces on errors. If you dont see any relevant information there, you may want to turn on debugging in the AMConfig.properties, recycle Access Manager and try.

          Attribute that enables (flood gates) debugging:
          # error is default, whereas message is for debugging