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    Summit open/Glassfish ESB Brussels (Belgium) 4-5 october 2010

      Hello all,

      After few weeks working on the idea of an OpenESB event, we can confirm that an OpenESB summit will take place in Brussels (Belgium) October 2010 the 4th and 5th.

      The two day summit will include topics such as:
      - OpenESB community governance
      - Product roadmap, runtimes and related technologies
      - ESB development and deployment
      - Field Use Cases / Experiences
      - Open-source projects, business models, and trends
      - Breakout sessions and hands on labs
      - Panel discussions
      - And more ...

      Have your say during the two days summit, exploring and exchanging ideas on the future direction of OpenESB. Come together with fellow project owners, architects, designers, developers and technologists to pave the way forward and establish the Community's guiding principles and OpenESB

      This event can be an opportunity for you to meet OpenESB experts, architects, designers, developers, technologists, end users and to have your word on the future of the project.

      In order to allow the summit access to as many people as possible, the summit access will be free to the delegates as well. However in return, we could accept only the firsts that will be registered. The number of place is limited. Registration can be found here

      Call for Paper
      Take the opportunity to be an 'anchor' speaker. If you want to share your project experience on JBI, Open/Glassfish-ESB or Java CAPS, please send us a 150 word abstract to the email paper@openesbcommunity.org along with your name and company name. This is a great chance to establish dialogs and exchange best-practices on OpenESB. All your papers are welcome. Contact us at paper@openESB-community.org
      Call for paper can be found here :

      Sponsor invitation
      The summit is free for the delegates. this means that we need sponsors to organise it. From 350€, be one of our sponsors if :
       -You deliver consulting, training or development on Open ESB, you want to make your services known to the community and the end-users.
      - You are an Open ESB  user, you want to influence the future of the project and give durability to the community
      - You are interested to support one of the best ESB open source projects.
      Contact us at sponsor@openesb-community.org  
      Sponsor invitation can be found here:

      Help to make this event a sucess, be involved. Thanks for your feedback and your support