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    JCAPS deployment to multiple external system environments.

      While creating deployment profile, we need to map the resources (such as jdbc, webservice connector) to external systems.
      External systems are predefined with the target server ip, port, db name, credentials etc(in case of jdbc).
      So the problem is an EAR built for test environment can not be deployed to production environment without a re-build. This introduces concerns of manual errors and inconsistencies.

      In simpler applications we could store database/credentials etc on to property files and hence EAR built for UAT could be deployed to Production with out any change.
      Or we could edit database resources per environment and all the resources would be using JNDI names.

      Is there a similar strategy available for JCAPS by which EARs built against an environment can be promoted to another seamlessly?
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          Take a look at: http://eai.ittoolbox.com/groups/technical-functional/seebeyond-l/changing-properties-of-an-interface-after-deployment-logging-interface-2105662

          A brief Summary:

          - Many adapters can be dynamically configured - that is config info can reside in a database.

          - Java Caps Allows for connection to an LDAP server for dynamic lookup. There is some caveats described in the link above. It also seems to have been preserved for compatibility reasons in CAPS 6 (see below). I do not know if the basic problem (how to find the correct LDAP environment for your needs) have been officially solved in the CAPS 6 implementation

          - Tools like iDeploy (for ICAN 5.0.5 J2EE) and iConfigure (distributed by Support) allows for updates of a specific EAR-file with config parameters stored in files. I doubt sincerely that these are (or have ever been) supported (despite of Sun Support distribution) or maintained.

          - It is possible to perform jndi-lookups from collabs or external code. The transactionality aspect is however unpredictable.

          - I believe what would work for you is the new CAPS6 dynamic configuration functionality. For an overview, please note: http://wikis.sun.com/download/attachments/38767325/JavaCAPS6+Application+Configuration.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1225463856000 and http://wikis.sun.com/display/JavaCAPS/Application+Configuration and http://wikis.sun.com/display/JavaCAPS/Application+Configuration+Lab.
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            @ JohanHellstrom, thanks!