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    project of Open-ESB seminar in West Europe in fall


      My name is Paul Perez from Pymma Consulting www.pymma.com. Pymma has been involved for many years in the Open-ESB community.

      As Open-ESB is going through a period of changes, it brings a new wave of opportunities for the community to support and re-enforce the project.

      Sun Microsystems designed Open-ESB (also known as Glassfish ESB). The technology mainly came from the acquisition of Seebeyond and was intended to be one of the best integration products on the market. However, the acquisition of Sun by Oracle stopped the development of Open-ESB and spread Sun’s SOA Teams around. Fortunately, the Open-ESB community recently started to reorganise itself and now attempts to define new structures and objectives for the project.

      In order to set a new organisation for the Open-ESB community and define future objectives for the project, we would like to organize during next autumn a 2 days seminar in Western Europe (likely in Paris, France) with the most active actors in the Open-ESB community. We would be extremely glad if you could participate in the seminar. It would increase the productivity and the efficiency of the Open-ESB community if your company could be involved in the project.

      The following questions are still open:
      • When and where it will take place?
      • What will be exactly the content of the seminar?
      • Do we involve the end users?

      We are waiting for the feedback of the community to move forward. We would be glad to hear your suggestions and opinions.

      I look forward to reading your feedback and you proposition on these topics.

      Best Regards

      Paul Perez IT Architect
      Tel : + 44 79 44 36 04 65
      Have a look on our web site : www. pymma.com