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    Problem in loading scripts <script> through Tag handler class.

      I am working on an assignment where I need to display a right side panel on a jsp using tag handler class. To display that right side panel I would just need to put a custom tag in the parent jsp and everything else will be taken care of by tag handler.

      the problem I am facing is,if I include scripts that are needed to display the right side panel on the screen in the parent jsp(in which the custom tag is put) and the tag handler would just take care of right side panel display, then it works fine. However, when I am trying to get scripts loaded using tag handler itself, it blows off.

      Now I want to not to put scripts related to right side panel in parent jsp, instead, the sripts should be loaded at runtime where these scripts would be provided to jsp through tag handler itself.So, the tag hadler would do two things now...1. To load and provide the scripts needed by right side panel and ...2. To provide the structure and data of right side panel to be displayed on the screen.

      Please tell me how can I get scripts loaded through tag handler.

      The scripts are somethign like:

      <script language='JavaScript' src='/CustomerGatewayUI/js/jq/ui/jquery.ui.widget.js'></script>
      <script language='Javascript' src='/CustomerGatewayUI/js/jq/plugins/jquery.bgiframe.js'></script>
      <script language='JavaScript' src='/CustomerGatewayUI/js/jq-cgs-ext/ui/ui.cgs.tree.js'></script>
      <script language='JavaScript' src='/CustomerGatewayUI/js/jq-cgs-ext/ui/ui.cgs.rightnavpanel.js'></script>
      <script language='JavaScript' src='/CustomerGatewayUI/js/common/hashtable.js'></script>
      <link rel='stylesheet' href='/CustomerGatewayUI/themes/cgs/css/jq-cgs-ext/jquery.treeview.css' type='text/css'>

      Please help....thanks in advance ppl.