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    Sun Pci 3 Drivers

      Can someone point me to the location or the drivers? I can't find them! Plenty of patches but I suspect I need the original release.

      I have a Sun Contract but the download link just redirects to the Oracle homepage...
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          yes, this is another page that Oracle silently removed or at least moved.
          This is one of the links on [Sun Downloads|http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/sun_az_index.html] that are dead.

          If you can afford the time, report the dead or wrong link to the [Sun Download Customer Service|https://www.sun.com/secure/contact/feedback/sdlc.jsp].

          Please review the following thead regarding a bug fix (the driver ceased to work in 2010 !)

          [SunPCI won't start in 2010|http://forums.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=5422395]

          With this information you can search backward (this patches obsoletes ...) on SunSolve ...

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            Thanks - I saw that thread!

            Thing is I don't have the original CD with version 3.0 of the driver, long since lost it! U reckon if I move back through the obsoletes I can rebuild the full driver pack? I had a look but there doesn't seem to be enough for a full set!

            I'll definitely feedback - we need this driver!
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              I got the files from a friendly Sun/Oracle support guy in the end!
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                sunForumsGuest19 is there any way I could get a copy of these drivers from you I have scoured the intenet and can not find them. please contact me jrounds11(remove) @lighthouseconsult.com
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                  use your service contract to obtain the drivers !

                  The archive containing the full driver package (like almost any other of the previously freely available drivers) was removed from the Download Center. Due to the problem in 2010 the patch is required too. Without a service contract none of these files is available for download.

                  I would recommend to remove your email address from your posting, otherwise this is just an invitation to spammers.