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    Install & configuring EBS Adapter for ECM

      Hi All,

      I am trying to setup IPM/ECm 11g and in the process i am configuring the EBS Adapter. Following the documentation step by step.
      As per the document it says that EBS adapter is already installed for 11g and we just need to configure.
      I have executed the steps to create AXF tables and compiling AXF_Custom.pll and changed custom.pll for zoom. During this process some of the steps involve inserting data to AFX_SOLUTIONS and AXF_SOLUTION_PARAMETERS tables. I could not find these tables in any of the scripts. I am not sure if i am missing anything.
      I have also observed there no scripts for lot of tables listed in the Imaging solution tables doc.

      Can anyone who has done this before help me if i am missing anything not in document.