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    Please help or direct me to right location...

      I am working with AVReceive2 and AVTransmit2. I can run the two applications in DOS and they work fine. I get the player window with the control panel that is associated with it when I run in DOS. When I try in NetBeans the player pops up from the AVReceive2; but, the control panel does not display. I have checked to see if JMF went in correctly. From what I can tell it is installed because the video transmission would not occur if it was not installed correctly. I have no errors that prevent the program from compiling. I have placed jmf.jar in the library folder under the run tab. I have check multiple other locations that would need the jar and still can not find why the control panel will not showup under Netbeans. Can anyone please help me or tell me where to go for help. I am at my whits end. Thanks you.