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    Restfull Web Services

      Everything is great about netbeans once you can start with it, I dont even remember how many days it has been that I am trying to deploy this hello world restfull web service with NB6.0.
      I am constantly getting the following error while building

      E:\JavaIDEs\NetBeans\Projects\OneThingThatWorks\nbproject\build-impl.xml:313: taskdef class com.sun.ws.rest.tools.ant.RestBeansProcessorTask cannot be found

      Please someone tell me, what library is missing that is producing this error.
      Thanks in advance
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          could you please detail the steps to create the Hello world restful service. I'll try to reproduce the error .

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            Hi ,

            I just tried the HelloWorld RESTful webservice. It worked fine for me. Could you please check if you have installed the RESTful web services module.

            Use the Plugin Manager under the Tools menu to install the RESTful Web Services module, which will also install the RESTful Web Service Libraries module and the RESTful Web Service Support module.

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              Hi Radhika,

              I am trying to create few RESTful web service with CRUD operation "POST".
              Can you please provide me some guidance in this!