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    Can anyone help me with something? I need to make a hole in a JPanel -_-

      Hi everyone,

      First of all, this is my first time writing here. Nevertheless, my knowledge about Java is not vast but still it helps me somehow. My problem is, I am writing a program that has a JFrame with a JPanel added to it and I need to draw a visual object to the top with a circle between JPanel and the object. It's like old James Bond intros you see; black screen with moving white circle with James Bond in the middle, moving with the spotlight. In fact, what I did was nothing more than putting a JPanel with black background and a white oval with same coordinates with the object. Although it gave something nice as I described above, I can't put any other objects to be hidden behind the black JPanel. It seems I got to drill the JPanel to see the white frame background to put my Bond there and put every other objects behind the JPanel. My aim is that other things will appear, emerge when they come to white circle(white light as I call it). I can move other objects, I just need them to be hidden behind the curtain. Can anyone help? I hope I described clearly.