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    IM version 8u1-01.03 and silent installation problem


      I want to install IM version 8u1-01.03 using a silent installation and my problem is this:

      - In order to use Access Manager as a policy repository, the docs recommend to run IM as root so my silent config file has those parameters:


      But when the install finished, my config file (iim.conf) has:

      iim.user = "inetuser"
      iim.group = "inetgroup"

      This only happens with silent install because if I use interactive installation and define the values:
      Runtime User ID: [inetuser]:root
      Runtime Group ID: [inetgroup]:other
      The iim.conf will have the correct values (root/other)

      At first, thought that I was missing a parameter in the silent configuration file but I ran the interactive configuration tool (/opt/sun/comms/im/sbin/configure --savestate /tmp/im2.conf) and define root/other as user/group values and works fine. After that, I erase the /etc/opt/SUNWiim directory and re-run a silent installation using the same file:
      configure novalidate nodisplay noconsole silent /tmp/im2.conf

      And it not work, the user/group parameters had inetuser/inetgroup values.

      Any idea? Am I missing something?
      Thanks in advanced.