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    Reporting some proxy problems/bugs

      Is there a way to report problems/bugs in the proxy software without having support? I believe this can be done for Java, but what about the proxy?

      In our environment we are using the proxy software (currently v4.0.5, but I haven't seen these items in the release notes of the newer versions of the software) in the reverse proxy mode and have encountered what I believe may be a couple of bugs.

      Possibly related to a previous poster's "Content-length mismatch" error message, it seems that some app servers respond to an If-modified-since conditional GET request incorrectly by sending a Content-length header along with the "304 not modified response" (there should be no such header in a 304 response). When proxy caching is enabled and the GZip compression filter is used, one result I have seen is the "Content-length match" error message which happens when the incorrectly included Content-length header has a non-zero value. A different result occurs when the incorrectly included Content-length header has a value of zero - the proxy response body gets truncated (completely removed).

      A second issue I have seen is with the reverse proxy's handling of a POST with a trailing CR/LF which some browsers (IE) send incorrectly (there should be no such trailing CR/LF in a POST request). The proxy seems to handle the trailing CR/LF for the request/response, however if HTTP1.1 keepalive is used and the POST is followed by a GET request on the same open connection from the browser then the access log entry for the GET request will be broken across two lines.

      Hopefully someone from Oracle monitoring these forums will pass these on to the proxy dev team.