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    Enablling SSL Acceleration in SPARC T1 using Java Web Proxy


      I have my proxy (4.0.12) configured to use an SSL certificate, and act as a reverse proxy for a website. I would like the proxy to take advantage of the SSL acceleration features of the UltraSPARC T1 processor. I've followed the instructions in the Admin guide for enabling the use of the PKCS# module, but when I try to start my proxy, I receive the message: "config: CORE3185: Invalid configuration: File /opt/sun/proxyserver40/proxy-cmsappd1a/config/server.xml, line 11, column 415: CORE1259: unable to find certificate Sun Metaslot:GoDaddy"

      The certificate is in the NSS database:

      root@cmsappi2# certutil -L -d . -P proxy-cmsappd1a-nonsecure-cmsappi2- -h "Sun Metaslot"

      Certificate Nickname Trust Attributes

      Enter Password or Pin for "Sun Metaslot":
      Sun Metaslot:GoDaddy u,u,u

      The PKCS#11 module is loaded:

      root2# modutil -dbdir . -list

      Listing of PKCS #11 Modules
      1. NSS Internal PKCS #11 Module
      slots: 2 slots attached
      status: loaded

      slot: NSS Internal Cryptographic Services
      token: NSS Generic Crypto Services

      slot: NSS User Private Key and Certificate Services
      token: NSS Certificate DB

      2. Solaris Cryptographic Framework
      library name: /usr/lib/libpkcs11.so
      slots: 2 slots attached
      status: loaded

      slot: Sun Metaslot
      token: Sun Metaslot

      slot: ncp/0 Crypto Accel Asym 1.0
      token: ncp/0 Crypto Accel Asym 1.0

      3. Root Certs
      library name: libnssckbi.so
      slots: There are no slots attached to this module
      status: Not loaded

      I'm not sure why the proxy server cannot find the certificate. Any help is always appreciated.