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    No authentication popup


      I try to configure Access Control for a specific URL in a Reverse Proxy server.

      I have defined a rule for this URL as explained in the Administration Guide (Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4.0.2 2005Q4 Administration Guide • November 2005 , chapter 8 , pages 152 and 153) :
      Action Users/Groups From Host     Rights      Extra... Continue  
        1  Deny anyone anyplace all  x      
        2  Allow (ReverseProxy) anyplace r-x--i  x
      (ReverseProxy) is a group of users defined in the LDAP.

      My problem is that no authentication is required when I access this URL : no popup window is displayed as explained in the documentation, I just receive an error message
      Proxy Authentication Required
      An error has occurred.
      Is it a special configuration parameter to force the display of the authentication popup ?

      Thanks for the help.