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    Bad Request Error with Reverse Proxy / Virtual Multihost

      I have SJS Web Proxy Server set up only to multihost for glassfish. Based on the url pattern, it redirects from the standard ports (80, 4848) to specific ports for a given GF domain. It works fine, except every once in a while, the browser comes back saying "Bad request, Your browser sent a query this server could not understand." I've seen this both on GET and POST requests, both normal and ajax based. I never had this problem until the proxy was put in the line.

      My complete obj.conf (I'm not using the proxy for anything else):

      Init fn="init-proxy" timeout="300" timeout-2="15"

      <Object name="default">
      NameTrans fn="virt-map" host-regex="intranet.foo.com(|:80)" to-prefix="http://intranet.foo.com:16700"
      NameTrans fn="virt-map" host-regex="storeintranet.foo.com(|:80)" to-prefix="http://storeintranet.foo.com:16700"
      NameTrans fn="virt-map" host-regex="intranettest.foo.com(|:80)" to-prefix="http://intranettest.foo.com:16700"
      NameTrans fn="virt-map" host-regex="storeintranettest.foo.com(|:80)" to-prefix="http://storeintranettest.foo.com:16700"
      NameTrans fn="virt-map" host-regex="(|store)intranet.foo.com:4848" to-prefix="http://intranet.foo.com:16702"
      NameTrans fn="virt-map" host-regex="(|store)intranettest.foo.com:4848" to-prefix="http://intranettest.foo.com:16702"
      Service method="(GET|HEAD|POST|CONNECT)" fn="proxy-retrieve"

      Does anyone have an idea how to tell the proxy just to forward requests along to the new location without looking them?