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    502 error

      I am having issues with a web proxy server.
      A user tries to access a 3rd party content server thru my web proxy server.
      We ran some tests....initially things were fine, but later everytime a new request came in the web proxy server reports a 502 error in its logs. and a Bad gateway error in the browser.
      Is it because of some overloading issues in the 3rd party content server which the browser is trying to access via my proxy server?
      There is a load balancer which shud distribute the load equally between the 2 web proxy servers I have but that does not seem to happen.
      ANy help wud be appreciated.
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          We are seeing a 2% "502" error rate with Sun WS 7.0 U4 acting as a RP... .

          Does anybody have an answer to ayler1980's question?