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    simple IP substitution

      sorry for posting a question that stupid: how do i route http traffic through proxy, substituting caller's IP with proxy IP? i've blocked client ip forwarding in "Routing->Forward Client Credentials" but still get this kind of messages in the access logs:

      client ip - - [27/Apr/2009:13:31:32 +0400] "CONNECT _target ip_ HTTP/1.1" 403 - - - - - - - - - -

      access to target ip is only allowed from a certain range of IPs, while client ip is not in that range (but the host where the proxy is installed is in the range). when i do the same request from the proxy host - it works, but when i try to route the request from the client throught the proxy - it gives me 403...

      can someone please tell me what i do wrong, or at least direct me to some examples with IP substitution using Sun Web Proxy thingie.
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          The point is that you have access to modifying the Proxy server's configuration.

          So why don't you simply provide access to the particular client IPs rather than
          providing access to the Proxy server's IP and then worrying about 'modifying'
          incoming requests so that they are associated with the Proxy server's IP rather
          than a select set of client IPs (which anyway is not possible).