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    Help!!! Error to Configure Data Store....

      I am having trouble installing a Date Store.
      I can access my repository through the PHP LDAP Admin, but in OPENSSO not list the users.
      When I install the OPENSSO and set a date Store outside it connects to the repository but can not give any user of the repository.

      When a create a new user gives this error:
      Plug-in com.sun.identity.idm.plugins.ldapv3.LDAPv3Repo encountered an ldap exception 17: inetUserStatus: attribute type undefined

      My configuration
      Configuration Store Details edit...
      SSL Enabled No
      Host Name localhost
      Listening Port 50389
      Root Suffix dc=portal,dc=network,dc=xxxx
      User Name cn=admin,dc=yyyy,dc=network,dc=xxxx
      Directory Name /opt/openssocfg
      User Store Details edit...
      SSL Enabled No
      Host Name ZZ.ZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ
      Listening Port 389
      Root Suffix ou=cds,dc=coreo,dc=network,dc=ctbc
      User Name cn=admin,dc=coreo,dc=network,dc=xxxx
      Store Type Generic LDAP
      Site Configuration Details edit...
      This instance is not setup behind a load balancer