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    OCINewPassword property

      In OCI-JDBC 8.1.7 up to 9.2 there used to be a special property named "OCINewPassword", which, when present in the properties argument of the getConnection(..,props) would change the password of the user before returning the connection object.

      It has disappeared in OCI-JDBC version 10.

      This was specially useful when the password has expired, but a grace period still allows the user to change his password. In this situation we are not able to get a JDBC Connection object, and the exposed 'OracleOCIConnection.passwordChange(..)' method is of little use since we can not get the connection...(SQLPLUS v10 is however still able to prompt for new password in this situation).

      Is there a replacement method ? (would really appreciate avoiding to write JNI to directly call OCI...)