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    Cluster with non-database version of Consensus leasing


      Im trying to configure a simple cluster composed by two machines each one executing a ManagedServer.
      I´ve configured a JMServer to target a migratable target to migrate from ManagedServer1 to ManagedServer2 in case of failure.
      Everything woks fine, when i shutdown ManagedServer1 the JMSServer is migrated to ManagedServer2.
      But when i try to initiate ManagedServer1 i got this entry in server log and the ManagedServer fails to start.

      <<WLS Kernel>> <> <> <1288313181653> <BEA-310006> <Critical Subsystem DatabaseLessLeasing has failed. Setting server state to FAILED.
      Reason: Server is not in the majority cluster partition>

      Any clue that could help me?

      Thanks in advance!