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    StarOffice 9 Build 9358 the latest Version

      I need some add´ons special for StarOffice - and they wont work. Update wont work also. So my question: is buid 9358 realy the actual version number for the german version of staroffice 9 ?

      Some Details: I need the Software "Duden Korrekkor", that might work with OpenOffice, today not with StarOffice9. And i need the "StampIt" Software, that today support StarOffice7 and 8, but not 9. And the update seems to faild with the message: "Update not possible" - not with something like "no new update aviable".

      greetings !
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          Sunday, March 08, 2009

          First, since my English SO 9.0.1 build is at 9379, I suspect that you need to upgrade to 9.0.1 from 9.0. The update is specific to the installed language version.

          Second, SO9 is support branding of OOo3. There is no longer a branch code difference. If an addon will work with OOo3, it will work with SO9.

          Third, there is a significant code difference between SO7/8 and SO9. That would explain why Stampit does not work. The same likely would be the reason Duden Korrekkor does not work. The usual Sun answer would be to report the problem to the software producers, so they can make the necessary changes to their software. This is what they suggested with EuroOffice (another grammar checker) failure with OS X versions. The result was EuroOffice now hosts a patch for the SO9 OS X code. While the problem was with SO code (the fix will be part of SO9.1), the software producer with help from the open source community found the problem.

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            thank you for your help ! Realy great.

            I have downloaded the staroffice9_servicepack_1-de.msp - but update wont work. With the message that this update is the wrong version.

            Autoupdate-funktion say: "Update not possible" - it sounds like an error-message. i´ll expect something like "update not aviable".

            Well - this seems not the way to heaven....

            greetings !

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              March 08 2009

              Assuming the German SO9 Win is similar to mine then the file to be downloaded is 139314-01.zip.

              In it are two msp files. First you run


              Then you run


              This assumes that that your SO9 installation file was the German only version.

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                Hello- I have had star office and it has worked okay. But i am unable to get updates. Can someone send me a link to the latest update for Star office?