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    Staroffice 9 installation on SPARC Solaris 10

      I have successfully installed Staroffice 9 on my Solaris work station without any errors but am unable to start a staroffice session using the gnome desktop. I have edited the soffice script to add the "unset SESSION_MANAGER" at the beginning of the script, but this has no effect. Staroffice 9 will start and run under a CDE environment, which I no longer use.

      Thanks in advance.

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          I had some similar problems on Solaris 10 (sparc), the main problem I discovered was a build up of old StarOffice packages in the system, especially the desktop integration package which prevented the Gnome integration. After a couple of installs and uninstalls (./setup in the SO9 directory) I decided to strip all OpenOffice and StarOffice packages from the system - there were a few bits an pieces kicking around from SO7, a complete SO8 installation with no "setup" file and a OOO3 install. A simple
          % pkginfo -i | grep staroffice
          % pkginfo -i | grep ooo
          will tell you if there are any legacy office components in the system. Delete all of the packages that you can find after you have removed any complete packages with the setup file. There are these notes on OpenOffice but seem to equally apply to starOffice.

          1. Become root if necessary
          % su -
          2. Create a file 'ooo_packages' with all OpenOffice.org related Solaris packages
          % pkginfo -x | cut  -f1 -d " " | grep ooo > /tmp/ooo_packages
          Note change grep ooo to grep "staroffice-" for old StarOffice bits and pieces. Also do a text search in a pkginfo -i looking for staroffice to get the package name for removal. Anything that has staroffice or openoffice in the name is a good candidate for deletion.

          3. For a silent uninstall of OpenOffice.org you must create an admin file. This hides any recurring queries during the uninstall. You only need to do this once.
          % echo action=nocheck > /tmp/admin
          % echo conflict=nocheck >> /tmp/admin
          % echo rdepend=nocheck >> /tmp/admin
          4. Remove all packages listed in the file
          pkgrm -a /tmp/admin -n `cat /tmp/ooo_packages`
          Repeat steps 2 and 4 until pkginfo -i shows that there is no OpenOffice / StarOffice bits and pieces left in the system. Then do a clean install of SO9. Log out of your Gnome session and log back in you should then have Star Office set up in Gnome user menu. Then go and configure the printer and fonts for the whole system as root using
          Hope that helps.
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            Thanks for the response. Unfortunately after verifying that all previous staroffice packages had been removed and reinstalling SO9 I get the same result. Any other ideas?