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    General input/output error across NFS mount

      I have a Linux host with kernel version "2.6.10-gentoo-r6".

      My issue is that staroffice 8 will cough up an error dialog when
      attempting to save or open a file across a simple NFS mount
      point. The exact error message is, essentially:

      "General input/output error while accessing /home/username/mountpoint/dir/file."

      I do not experience any similar problem when opening or
      saving files on the local file system.

      I have a difficult time pinning down exactly when this starting
      happening with staroffice 8, however it has been a while. I thought
      it was something wrong with my host. I thought it would go away
      after a reboot.

      I am reporting this behavior in case others can validate my
      experience from seeing it happen on other Linux hosts.

      Are there some other details might I provide to help narrow the
      scope of the issue?