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    StarOffice 8 (Product 6) Update to Product 7 Error


      I tried to update as prompted by auto-update feature. But after I have finished downloading and saved the file 120187-10 (Signed Patch). But when I opened the file, a Java virtual machine launcher window pop up and with message stated Invalid or corrupt jarfile.

      I have downloaded the latest version of Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 6 update 1 and tried the 2nd time but failed also, with the same error message.

      Can anyone pls help what could be the cause having this update error?

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          Monday, July 02, 2007

          Try downloading the unsigned patch and updating with it.

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            I think the file is just named improperly. I renamed it to a .zip and unzipped it and the update worked perfectly. I put in a bug report for this and got a standard "screw you" response from e-mail customer support, so maybe I'm just too stupid to understand why my method worked.
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              The StarOffice team has provided the following feedback regarding your

              Each patch is provided as common .zip file

              and as signed .jar file
              The signed link is just below the common link on the StarOffice Patch
              site on SunSolve.

              Having signed .jar files is a default behavior of SunSolve, each patch
              we submit is automatically places as common and as signed one. Customers

              can read more details when the click on the "Help" link on the right on
              SunSolve. On the following page item 8. lists the link
              From there customers can read the following:

              (A8) Signed and unsigned patches are simply two different packaging
              formats of the same patch. Signed patches are in a jar file format and
              unsigned patches are in a zip file format. The contents of the files
              are identical except that the jar file format also includes signature
              files. Signed patch files can be verified with the Java jarsigner
              command as follows:

              jarsigner -verify <patch number>.jar

              The command jar -x would extract a .jar file.
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                Thanks to all for the given troubleshooting ideas. I have tried all and still dun find the right solution yet. I'm not able to download the complete unsigned patch for unknown reason and it stopped half way in the process of downloading. So, I guess I just stick with SO8 Product 6 as it still works fine for me though.
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                  Hello.. I had another attempt to update my SO8 after sometime and now I have got the latest update (Update 10). I downloaded the zip file (signed patch failed) and save under different name and change the default folder to new folder. Everything goes well now. Thanks to all for giving suggestions and solutions.