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    StarOffice 8 deletes file associations

      I have installed Star Office 8 on two Window XP computers. During the installation I selected S08 to open Microsoft Office documents. Then I view the .doc, .xls and .ppt files in the explorer are they shown with a StarOffice icon and if I double-click on one is the StarOffice registration wizard opened. After I have accepted the license is explorer restarted and now is the .doc shown with another icon. If I double-click this icon is the file opened in WordPad. If I switch to another user on the same computer does the same thing happen. I know how to reassociate the files types to be opened with StarOffice but this is still a bug.

      If I look in "Folder Options" "File types" is the DOC registered as a Microsoft Word document and opened with StarOffice 8. But after the registration wizard are the registrations gone.

      This is a real problem in a computer lab there the students expect the program to be opened with StarOffice and will get WordPad instead.

      Anybody know a solution to this problem
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          (I'm not sure if this is the solution but it's the only thing I can think of that you might have done wrong)

          During the install (after the licence screen) you get to select if you want to install SO for "all users" or "only for me".
          Make sure to choose "all users"

          - Peder
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            Thanks. But I did install for all users. I also tested OpenOffice.org 2.0 RC1 and it seems to keep the file associations.

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              I came across the same problem on windows XP SP2 machines.
              I created a registry key that forces the file associations as follows:

              Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



              [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\.doc\shell\open\command ]
              @="\"C:\\Program Files\\Sun\\StarOffice 8\\program\\soffice.exe\" \"%1\""



              [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\.xls\shell\open\command ]
              @="\"C:\\Program Files\\Sun\\StarOffice 8\\program\\soffice.exe\" \"%1\""



              [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\.ppt\shell\open\command ]
              @="\"C:\\Program Files\\Sun\\StarOffice 8\\program\\soffice.exe\" \"%1\""
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                The file association for Star Office is user specific. HKLM settings are ignored if HKCU settings exist. However, there are HKCU regmods that can be changed.


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                  The HKCU is user specific, so how do you handle the multiple users logging on to the same machine?
                  I have found that editing the HKLM keys above fixes the issue. I am open to other suggestions however...
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                    This exact bug exists in StarOffice 8 (Product Update 7). I also tested file associations with OpenOffice 2.2.1. As others have noted the bug does not exist in OpenOffice.

                    This seems like a bug that has been around a while. The fix provided here isn't complete. There are other file formats that are supposed to work when these options are checked. I know there are .dot files and .xlt files that need the association and there may be others.

                    I would really like to see this fixed. Is this the place to report a bug? Is there an official bug report for this?

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                      Did anyone come up with a solution to this problem? I have the exact same problem and don�t think the registry changes for current user is good way to fix this. I�ve done some research and found that if I manipulate Common.xcu and Setup.xcu from the shared �skeleton� files directory I can fix some of the issues. But does anyone know it there�s a supported and by Sun written manual how to do this?

                      Platform description:
                      Windows XP Professional SP2
                      Star Office 8 with Update 8

                      All answers appreciated.

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                        This problem still seems to exist. Any one solved the problem?


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