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    SO8 on CENTOS 64 bit

      I have installed the 32 bit version of SO8 on CENTOS running on an AMD 64 bit opteron.. BUT even though I have the jre installed, when I launch staroffice and then look at the options -java, it only shows an installed JRE if I am running SO8 as root. All other accounts cannot find the jre. Even if I click Add, and browse to exactly the same directory as shown when running as root, it still cannot find the jre. This is very very very irritating. Other than not finding the JRE, the package works fine. Does anyone have any idea why! Java works in Firefox, and with other applications, but SO8 cannot find it.

      Dave Hopkins
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          Well, I will reply to myself then. If I remove the 1.5 version of Java and revert back 1.4.2 from Sun, it works. However, if I use the FSF version, it does not, so it seems that there are two things happening: 1) SO8 only detects a Sun-version of java, and 2) SO8, fully patched, doesn't properly recognize the 1.5 version when running on a 64-bit architecture (CENTOS x86_64)

          Anyhow, I'll continue to wait and hopefully someone can explain why the above two things seem to be true.