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    SO patches are messy and bloated

      In short, SO installs patches like a pig that craves magnetic bits. I've installed every patch since 8 came out and the last was patch 8. I decided to check the HD after it was done and it was consuming 1GB of HD space. This was ridiculous so I decided to poke my nose around to see what was going on and I found the following,

      1) SO keeps old versions of files around. This is just as bad as MS keeping patches around.
      2) Even though the initial install specified that I wanted the EN-US language installed, every patch installed after the initial install continues to install every single language.

      Cleaning results...
      Before - 1GB
      After - 330MB

      I recommend the following,
      1) have the install script remove files that have been renamed - no point in keeping them around.
      2) have the install script figure out which language is installed and ONLY install the language that the user has installed.

      This should be cake to implement and not doing so is a huge mistake, IMHO.