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    switch arabic & english

      Is there possible for us to switch language easily?Let say user has access their JDS environment & by default the language is English but he want to switch to Arabic language without having to logout again and select Options>Language to choose any Language listed.
      It is similar with windows environment where we can change from our control panel only.
      Pls advise.
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          AFAIK it's not possible to change your entire desktop locale without logging out and back in again. This limitation is not unique to Solaris, but most (all?) Unix and Linux desktops.

          However, it's possible to launch individual applications using a different locale, by passing the appropriate locale environment variable to the application.

          For example, you can launch an Arabic (Egyptian) instance of gedit by running the following command in a terminal (assumes bash shell):

          LC_ALL=ar_EG.UTF-8 gedit

          If this is something you needed to do often, you could create a launcher icon that ran this command, so you would not have to resort to using the terminal.