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    Why is .profile is not loaded in Java Desktop System's Terminal

      I have a very simple alias setting in my ".profile" on a Sun Solaris box. When I telnet to this box using putty, the .profile gets loaded and I am able to use the alias.

      But, when I am logged on to this box using Sun Java Desktop System (JDS) for Solaris, and then use "Terminal" or "Open Terminal", the console that loads does not recognize the alias in the .profile . It appears that the .profile is not being loaded at all. What am I doing wrong? why is the .profile not getting loaded? But, when i execute the following in the terminal:
      $. ./.profile
      the alias starts working.

      What needs to be done to make the .profile load automatically within JDS, just as it does when using telnet?
      $ cat .profile
      alias lt='ls -lart'
      $ lt
      ksh: lt:  not found
      $ . ./.profile
      $ lt
      ... lists all the files  as would be done by ls -lart...
      NOTE: I finally need to put a lot more things in the .profile, but starting out with just a single line "alias" in it.