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    problem with gnome-open

      gnome-open doesn't work on my solaris box (s10u4 08/07). it outputs
      Error showing url: There is no default action associated with this location.

      i consulted following docs
      but none of those actions let gnome-open open my docs.

      I tried to set defaults using gnome-file-types-properties, but they doesn't work for it.

      Does anybody have same problems? or any ideas what can help me?
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          All documents, or just some types of document? What happens when you double-click the same document in the file manager? The same application association database should be consulted in both cases.
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            For all types of docs. In file manager (nautilus) everything is ok. I realize that they both uses the same database, but i can't understand why in my file manager the same file opens with associated program and from termilal using gnome-open - doesn't.