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    Problem with application directories on JDS - Solaris 10 11/06 sparc

      I am running a fully patched JDS on a Sun Blade with Solaris 10 11/06 sparc.

      After installing, removing, and re-installing Sun Download Manager 2.0 (web start version) I am having problems with JDS application menus.

      I used File Manager (probably accessed through the This Computer Desktop icon) to move around directories under applications:///. This information is saved in ~/.gnome2/vfolders. Folders available from the Launch menu under Applications were all messed up, but I solved this problem by removing all contents of ~/.gnome2/vfolders and restarting JDS.

      Now, when I enter the This Computer icon on the Desktop, and click on the Applications icon in there, there is an extra Applications icon there that is not associated with any application and cannot be removed (when I try and trash it, I get an error saying something about "not on same file system"). Also, when I enter the Internet folder under Applications, there is an extra Internet icon in there that also cannot be removed. These extra folders are not seen when accessing the Applications menu from the Launch menu. How can I clean up these "bad" launchers, or folders, or whatever they are, that appear to exist only under the Applications directory accessible through This Computer (computer:///)?

      Thank you...