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    I am a fresher to JAVA programming - pls help

      Hi Folks,

      Greetings of the Day !!!

      I am a total total fresher to Java programming.. so, kindly excuse me if I am asking few basic questions.

      I just downloaded sun java and installed on to my machine. I have the following questions.

      1) How do I compile the program ? Is it in a DOS mode ? If so, kindly guide me through step by step. I seem to be stuck all over as I have done this in my classrooms and never in a practical note
      2) what are the basic softwares that I should keep in my computer for my programming and practices on a real-time. Kindly help me with pointers.

      Thanks a ton for the support extended in advance. I will cherish for lifetime.

      I sincerely appreciate YOUR time.

      Best Regards,