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    Problem with pagination in table in Netbeans and Woodstock. Solved!

      I am using NetBeans 6.1 and project Woodstock jsf components. When working with a table (filled with data from table by CachedRowSet) with pagination all works well. If I add one column with checkbox into that table pagination still works.
      However if I move that column with checkbox into other place in table (e.g. make it last column while at first it was first) pagination stops working.
      This is probably caused by NetBeans because at first I didn't have any binding for selected value (in jsp there was no selected attribute of table tag) and when I moved it to other place in table (by table layout wizard) in jsp selected attribute of table tag was created but in form like
      <webuijsf:checkbox id="checkbox2" selected=""/>
      In visual properties it viewed as false. However if I either deleted selected attribute in jsp, or selected false/true as value of selected attribute in visual properties pagination again started working.