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    Problem in using two sync managers on real Blackberry Storm

      We have developed a Twitter application based on SGMP; application has an ECBO connector and the client can seamlessly synchronize the data with it. Later we have developed Advertisement application that required a new ECBO connector. Our plan is to synchronize the Advertisement application's data onto Twitter Client. Hence, we have deployed two connectors in SGMP and used two Sync Managers in Twitter client to synchronize each application's data. Everything works fine in Blackberry and Sun simulators but does not work in the real Storm. The following things we have observed:

      1) Twitter client with only one Sync Manager works fine in real Storm.
      2) Twitter client with two Sync Managers works fine in both sun and blackberry simulators.
      3) Twitter client with two Sync Managers does not work in real storm. We did several tests and concluded that the second sync manager is unable to synchronize the data.

      I would really appreciate people's solutions to the problem.