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    Mercator Audit Log Issue


      I've been testing for exceptions with Mercator and realised that one of my maps is not producing the values in <DataLog> tag for the AUdit Log
      . In fact there are no values at all...

      I've checked that the Burst Audit log is set to ON and the Data Log is set to ON. But it's still not producing any values in the tags...

      as opposed to how it SHOULD look... for example
      <input card="1">
       <object index="1"     level="0"   size="91"        status="E06">EDI</object>
       <object index="1"     level="1"   size="35"        status="E07">Inbound Partner Group EDIFACT</object>
       <object index="1"     level="2"   size="35"        status="E06">COPRAR<>FD00B<>Inbound Partner Msg</object>
       <object index="0"     level="3"   size="0"         status="E10">Message COPRAR Inbound Partner Set VD00B</object>
       <object index="0"     level="1"   size="0"         status="E10">UNZ Envelope Control EDIFACT</object>
      <input card="2"></input>
      This really fucks things up for me cos now my system can't do it's exception handling routines.

      Anyone have this problem before? Is it something that's staring me in the face???
      Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!