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    fresh to integration server

      Dear All,

      I have a few basic questions to ask:

      I understand that there a few layers in the Integration Server Architecture, i.e. process layer, integration layer, adapter layer and application layer.

      My problem is I can't link the architecture to the products provided by Sun.

      1. Why do I need Sun ONE Unified Development Server? Is it used to develop adapters and application proxy? Does it also serve as the backbone (integration layer)?

      2. If I am not wrong, only the Sun ONE Integration Server Enterprise Edition has the process layer. If Unified Development Server covers the middle two layers, what is in the Professional Edition? Another backbone?

      3. Can I install Integration Server alone without the UDS?

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          1. Integration Server EAI is written in UDS and requires a UDS runtime to be installed in order to operate. The runtime provides a distributed object manager, communications, and a virtual machine, amongst other things.

          2. Correct, Enterprise Edition includes the process layer, Professional Edition only gives you the backbone and proxy layers.

          3. No.

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            Can anyone please let me know how to download a trail version of UDS and the Integration Server EAI edition.
            I am very eager to learn/evaluate the EAI Integration Server.