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    (EJB) Enterprise Job Scheduler


      Paramus, NJ - August 27, 2001 - Indus Consultancy Services (ICS) today
      announced the latest release of Kronos Enterprise Scheduler, a
      full-featured job scheduling system written for the Enterprise Java
      (J2EE) environment.

      This version has a number of enhancements, including:

      Support for pre-defined variables which can be used in e-mail messages,
      or passed to command tasks as parameters. Variables supported in this
      release include {JOBNAME}, {JOBID}, {TASKNAME}, {TASKID}, {JOBRUNID},
      and {TRYNUMBER}. One of the most common uses of e-mail tasks is for
      notification of job failure. Support for these pre-defined variables
      makes it possible to include information about the job as part of the
      failure notification.
      Support for start and/or end dates for a job. This makes it possible to
      define jobs in advance of when they need to begin being scheduled; when
      the start date is reached, Kronos Enterprise Scheduler will
      automatically begin scheduling the job. If an end date if defined, the
      job will no longer be run once that date is reached, though it can still
      be manually executed.
      Support for one-time scheduling. A job can now be scheduled to execute
      exactly once at a given date and time, rather than requiring a recurring
      schedule as in previous releases.
      Introduction of the concept of a "job execution". A job execution
      consists of the originally scheduled job run, any retry runs, and any
      failure task run. The Job Monitor now displays the status of job
      executions, and has the ability to drill down into the details of the
      runs that make up the execution. This provides the user with a more
      concise and easy-to-read picture of the status of their jobs.
      Limited support for file attachments with e-mail tasks.

      For more information on Kronos Enterprise Scheduler, or to request a
      FREE 30-day evaluation, please visit our products page at