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    UDS Cluster

      Currently, our environment consists of three servers: 1 central server and two regular servers

      We're in the process of swapping out some hardware for newer boxes and I was curious if UDS supports clustering (Veritas). I would like to move to a 2 node configuration, if possible.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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          Used UDS in a VCS on Solaris 8 env. The issue is to get the application written in UDS to be able to cope. Since there are no Forté VCS Agent available you may develop one of your own or have a set of shell scripts to do a similar task. It all depends if you want an absolute continuity or a simple fall back on a different node, it also depends on the availability of VCS Agents for other apps like DB ... upon which the Forté app may rely.
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            I recall using connected environment functionality to get a cluster type configuration. Create two central nods and connect then together. Then on the client side just list the two servers/ports. This will enable the client to failover to the secondary listing if the first is not available. Not sure if this helps but it’s similar to a cluster scenario.