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    UDS under Windows 64 Bit

      Is their a distribution for UDS 5.2.xx supporting windows 64Bit systems like Windows 2003 (64Bit) or XP(64Bit) / Vista (64Bit).

      we want to move to 64Bit boxes and compile our code under 64Bit windows system. Which compiler is required for this environment.

      regards Rolf
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          There are no versions of UDS compiled in 64 bit mode.

          The install shield won't work on 64 bit platform but if you install on a 32 bit and copy accros that'll do. On those platforms Forté should be able to have 4 Gb of RAM per process without the need to leave 2Gb or 1Gb to hoggy windows kernel.

          The WOW64 is running the 32 bit Forté just fine ... remember that you will need the 32 bit version of the DB installed (client at least).

          For 5.2.18+ The compiler is VC++ .Net 2005 SP1. That'll work on 64 & 32 bit and compile Forté generated C++ fine ... but ... there might be some issues I did not come accross.

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            Minor correction...there are no 64-bit Windows versions of UDS. UDS has supported Solaris 64-bit for several years, and the old Compaq/Digital Alpha/OSF Unix port was 64-bit :-)
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              Granted for DEC UNIX Tru64 Compaq Alpha HP has always been 64bit MIPS.

              But I beg to differ, the Forté binaries up to 5.0.3 on SunSparc are compiled using the -xarch=v8 and/or -compat=4, v8 says 32 bit Sparc Architecture. (C++5.6)
              On 5.2.23 I'd say it is still compiled in 32 bit mode as the lib for the link are located in /usr/sww/SunStudio9/SUNWspro/lib/v8plus (C++ 5.9).
              So pretty much 32 bit to me.

              HP-UX on PA-RISC went 64 bit in 1996 (about the same time SPARC64 v9 surfaced) so I'm curious to see if they operated a 32 to 64 port. AIX on RISC/6000 a 32->64 messy path so I'm curious too.
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                You are correct that the regular Sparc kit is 32-bit. However, a 64-bit kit is available, and you will see the option in the Unix installer. They are a separate set of binaries.

                Since both HP and AIX provide 32-bit compatibility, kits on those platforms were never compiled for 64-bit execution.
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                  Thanks for the enlightenment, then I have not been granted the gift of the 64 bit version, I'm looking at the INSTALL.SH and indeed there should be a SUN_S64 directory, but I only have the SUN_SOL.
                  Too Bad ;o)