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    SUN One UDs over Windows 2008

      Hello i'm not a Sun ONE expert. Our development department trying to use SUN ONE UDS in Windows 2008. All works fine but before 30 min we get this errors:

      SYSTEM ERROR: Could not create object as in-process server using CLSID
      Class: OLEException with ReasonCode: OLE_ER_RESOURCE
      Last TOOL statement: method CUnknown.CreateUsingCLSID
      Error Time: Tue Feb 24 13:03:43
      Exception occurred (remotely) on partition "IBPALCXS_cl165_Part1",
      (partitionId = 4AFCD160-E163-11DD-8EAE-16E6FA7DAA77:0x1d1c:0x1, taskId
      = [4AFCD160-E163-11DD-8EAE-16E6FA7DAA77:0x1ceb.194]) in application
      "IBPALCXS_cl165", pid 8632 on node SVAPL01-05 in environment apl01-05.

      Somebody knows something about windows 2008 compatibility? our Forte environment works fine in Windows 2003 servers. Thanks a lot

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          Looks like you are trying to instantiate an OLE object (OCX - Active X - WhateverX) that is not registered on your machine. (regsvr32 is your friend)

          You need to install the necessary libraries, to do so look for the
          in the 2003 windows registry to see what it could be and install accordingly on your 2008 machine.
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            Thanks for the fast reply!. It's extrange because sometimes works and sometimes not. Can be a unregistered DLL problem?
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              Just a side note, is UDS certified under Windows 2008? I did not think so.

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                I don't think so, but our version is not certified for windows 2003 but works :-)

                With Process explorer i see a lot of ftexec.exe process with a buffer overflow result or buffer too small. Thats not happen in windows 2003. Any clue?
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                  Regarding the error I can only say based on what I'm reading in the error dump.
                  Now you may try to instantiate the OCX using a script, VB app or C++ to see if everything runs fine, you may also check the OLE threading issues, give me a sec to get that thing back from the Forté manual.

                  Regarding the certification.

                  Well it depends ;o) version of UDS 5.2.26 I think are supposed to be Vista compliant. Now Win 2008 is not too far from Vista. But the straight answer is no.

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                    Well Forté used to be some clean piece of software. And Win Vista did not get better than XP/2003 ... any more specific error message from the partition logs.
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                      Normally OLE is the first think that gets affected when the OS version changes and thread model is normally tweaked. So you are on the bleeding edge of technology and in uncharted territory. Good luck.

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                        Is the control implemented using 'Apartment Model Threading'?
                        Find the CLSID in the registry and check the folder named InprocServer32 and verify that the value of it's ThreadingModel entry is Apartment.

                        But who knows what MS has been doing ... but If I were you I'd just drop the Vista thingies as you can't even drag and drop on a Command window :o(
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                          Finally we found the problem!!.

                          With Process Monitor (Thanks to the greath Mark Russinovich) we monitored ftexec process and when we get the errors the ftexec ends with code 0xC0000425 that mean STATUS_HIVE_UNLOADED

                          Windows 2008 have a new built-in feature named UPHClean used to clean-up user information in registry when user logoff, but for some reason windows clean the complete user hive in HKU. We disabled this feature and now works ok :-)

                          Thanks a lot for your help. really, thanks
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                            Thanks for sharing the outcome of your investigation.

                            MS are unbelievable they manage to spread mess up whilst cleaning up.