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    Forte Environment windows service crashing each 1 hour

      Hello all, we have a Forte installation on a single Windows 2003 node. The windows box has Forte 3.0.M.0 and Forte Conductor 1.0.M.1, it's used only as a workflow server, we have no other Forte application.

      Now, the Forte Environment Manager windows service crashes each one hour, and if we start it manually it works again.

      We have cleaned the Enrironment Repository (c:\forte\sysdata\envrepos\pcapsp01.btd) with the following sentences:

      ****** BEGIN ******
      cd /d c:\forte\log
      %FORTE_ROOT%\install\diag\bin\envedit.exe -fs -fr bt:%FORTE_ROOT%\sysdata\envrepos\PCAPSP01

      (inside Forte command prompt)

      SetWorkspace SystemMgr
      ****** END ******

      Before the compact action, the c:\forte\sysdata\envrepos\pcapsp01.btd file had 23 MB and after it had 16 MB. The Forte Environment Windows Service starts with default parameters. In Windows Task Manager we can see that nodemgr.exe takes 18 MB of memory.

      Are we missing something we have to do in order to avoid this crashes?

      The message after each crash is:

      aud Fri Oct 17 15:27:30 : Node manager for node PCAPSP01 activated.
      aud Fri Oct 17 15:27:30 : Registering agent for environment - centrale.
      aud Fri Oct 17 15:27:30 : Name service using FORTE_NS_ADDRESS PCAPSP01:5000.
      aud Fri Oct 17 15:27:30 : Node Manager initialization complete.

      FATAL ERROR: Out of Memory (reason = qqOS_MM_EX_OUT_OF_CONTIG_MEMORY)
      Name server commit task terminated abnormally:
      FATAL ERROR: ************* Not enough contiguous memory, requested (209K) available (103K)
      Class: qqsp_ResourceException with ReasonCode: SP_ER_OUTOFMEMORY
      Detected at: qqos_MemoryManager
      Error Time: Fri Oct 17 16:13:06
      Exception occurred (locally) on partition "Node Manager", (partitionId = 102E93B0-C9A9-11DB-9FFA-3458D503AA77:0x183ac, taskId = [102E93B0-C9A9-11DB-9FFA-3458D503AA77:0x183ac.9]) in application "System Manager", pid 2328 on node PCAPSP01 in environment centrale.

      Thank you very much

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          It looks like your Node Manager process is running out of contiguous memory.

          Try increasing the minimum amount of memory allocated to it using the "-fm" memory flag. I haven't got any experience of doing it on Windows, but on Solaris I'd do something like the following in the forteboot.sh file:
          $FORTE_ROOT/install/bin/start_nodemgr -e dev5117a -fm "(n:7000)"
          On Windows, I'm guessing you'd set it using start parameters on the service's properties window.

          You'll need to tweak the value you use from 7000 to something suitable for your environment.

          Hope that helps.

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            Thank you Mark, it works. On Windows you have to open the "Forte Environment 3.0.M.0" windows service properties window.

            Then in "Start Parameters" textbox, write "-e centrale -fm(n:20000,x:40000)", then click "Start" button and finally "Ok" button.


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              Hi Joseph,

              In the likelihood of Sun stopping support of Forte, wouldn't that be a problem for your existing Forte application ?
              Is there an alternative that you have thought of ?