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    "Invalid property syntax" w/ create-jdbc-connection-pool

      I'm on App Server 9.1u1. Trying to setup an HADB connection pool ...
      # asadmin create-jdbc-connection-pool \
      --datasourceclassname com.sun.hadb.jdbc.ds.HadbDataSource \
      --steadypoolsize=48 \
      --isolationlevel=repeatable-read \
      --isconnectvalidatereq=true \
      --property username=system:password=password:serverList=\:15065,\:15045,\:15005,\:15105,\:15025,\:15085:cacheDatabaseMetaData=false:eliminateRedundantEndTransaction=true \
      Please enter the admin user name>admin
      Please enter the admin password>
      Usage: create-jdbc-connection-pool --datasourceclassname classname 
      [--terse=false] [--echo=false] [--interactive=true] [--host localhost] [--port 
      4848|4849] [--secure | -s] [--user admin_user] [--passwordfile file_name] 
      [--restype res_type] [--steadypoolsize 8] [--maxpoolsize 32] [--maxwait 60000] 
      [--poolresize 2] [--idletimeout 300] [--isolationlevel isolation_level] 
      [--isisolationguaranteed] [--isconnectvalidatereq=false] [--validationmethod 
      auto-commit] [--validationtable tablename] [--failconnection=false] 
      [--allownoncomponentcallers=false] [--nontransactionalconnections=false] 
      [--description text] [--property (name=value)[:name=value]*] 
      CLI131 Invalid property syntax.
      short of decompiling the HADB JDBC driver and nosing around, how can I confirm that these are valid properties?

      username, password, serverList, cacheDatabaseMetaData, eliminateRedundantEndTransaction

      I have noticed that HADB is NOT one of the options in the GUI console for creating an HADB connection pool. I wonder if this is related.