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    [RANT] Lack of sync between Sun sales channels and reality


      This being a technical forum, I'm pretty sure this is OT but I simply have run up against brick walls almost everywhere else. If anybody can advise where I can direct this to with some positive results/feedback, I'd be very thankful for it.

      We are small ISV shop in Malaysia specializing in applications for the banking sector. Up till last year, all our applications were deployed on Tomcat and I started a move towards a Sun-centric platform since the beginning of 2007. Development has had its challenges, including a nail-biting 3 months fervently hoping that Glassfish V2 would be released into production status before my first big deployment on GF was to be launched. Thankfully, the GF team delivered big time and we have had our application in the wild for the past 2 weeks. I confess to not having sufficient depth of knowledge in GF still and look forward to learning more but at least we're off to a start (and being paid for it).

      Being a small entity and not being very familiar with the internal workings of GF, I had advised our client (one of the major banks in Malaysia) to take up SJSAS subscription along with SJSWS and DSEE which I had included in our deployment. However, that has been a story of major frustration leading up to this post.

      We have approached no less than 3 Sun sales channel partners in Malaysia (2 of which are pretty darned big in our local context) and the quotations we got are simply not reflective of Schwartz-era policies. It seems that the price lists that they have still list SJSAS at version 8.1 and it includes pricing for a license component AND support component. I had specifically told our client that the production usage license component for all Sun software listed above was granted by Sun FOC and that they only had to subscribe to support. The channel sales reps refused to budge saying that "in order to qualify for support, you need a license; and according to your price lists, you need to pay". We brought this up to a Sun pre-sales consultant asking him to intervene and his answer was basically "what they said". I was speechless at that point and just asked him to read through his CEO's blog when he had the time to.

      Right now, we're already in production and none of the software listed have support contracts. That being the case and us being the deployers, it goes without saying that when the shit hits the fan, we're going to get splattered. This is a ticking time bomb for me and I have no idea where to go next regarding this. I have been posting to the forums quite often asking for help and thankfully, all of youse Sun engineers who frequent the forums have been very helpful for the most part. There are still some unanswered questions though and I'm just praying that nothing serious comes out of those issues.

      Ultimately though, my client still needs an official support contract and they are already grumbling that I made the wrong choice in a platform. Tomcat was opensource too but to be realistic, the community mindshare over there is way higher than that of GF's and most of my questions would probably be FAQs already by the time I think of them.

      So please, if anybody knows how I can get some headway in this issue, I would be very thankful and feel vindicated in my decision to move on to the Sun platform. Most of you reading this would probably not even know where Malaysia is apart from some obscure references from watching Discovery Travel & Adventure but there IS a Sun presence here and this would be a great opportunity for Sun to gain official recognition for providing the base application platform for a major financial institution here.

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          Hi there,
          I want to make sure I understand your issue here.
          So, what version of Application Server do you have that you need support for?
          If you have SJS Application Server 9.1 you can buy subscription either by contacting your sales person or doing that online, if it is for no more than 32 sockets.. (This can be done online)
          The Application Server Subscriptions provides you Software Idemnification and one year support - You can choose from Standard, Premium, and premium plus.

          Check this site:

          Please let me know if you have any questions.