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    starting a domain created with a --domaindir using startserv

      I'm new to Java EE so here is my question: I created a domain on solaris using asadmin create-domain --domaindir /area1/domain  DomainName

      This seemed to run correctly and I didn't get any errors. Now when I go and list the domains, it doesn't list the new domain in the list. When I go and try to start the domain it says it doesn't have write permission to the default domain area. So I went to where the remote directory was installed there is a bin directory that has the startserver and stop server. I can run the startserver and it seems to run correctly but I can not get any admin screen connection. I can add this servers into my netbeans environment and start it from there and I can get the admin screen to come up. Any ideas on path settings or enfoldment variables that have to be set to correctly get these up and running? Also any ideas why asadmin doesn't seem to be able to run against this domain?


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