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    IPaddress config

      Hi, I have an application running on sjsas 9.x with url like :
      I want to change the url to any convinient url like http://myproject or at least Please post ur solution ...thanks in advnce...

      I know how to configure host file(in windows) for IPaddress but don't know how to deal with this port problem in sjsas9.x
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          Hi Buddy,

          I guess you are already aware of this fact.

          Port 80 is for http and port 443 is for https by default.

          so if you are running your appserver/ webserver on 80/443 with some IP address then, you don't have to give the port number while accessing it. But for all other ports we should give the port number to access.

          The general practice is to use port 80 for webserver and then forward the same request to application server. You can directly assign port 80 for appserver also.
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            Thanks 4 ur active - expert Answer to this thread.